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Diabetes and self-management support – what works?

The #ourD tweetchat on Tuesday 16th September at 8pm BST will be hosted by @QISMETorguk.

What support have you been given? Did it cover the emotional/social side of diabetes? What advice would you give?

Check out all the questions and join us on Tuesday to discuss!

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Make The Grade

The "Make The Grade" tweetchat was hosted by @DiabetesUK

If you want a handy summary it can be found here!

Links to the pre-chat information, summary and transcript of the chat itself.

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Want to suggest or
host a tweetchat?

Whatever your relationship with diabetes - type 1; type 2; MODY; LADA; carer or HCP, if you have a desire to ask questions of the #doc, get in touch and let us know!

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Our Diabetes Mission

Our Diabetes is a community led, community focused platform that enables people with diabetes to be empowered, educated and supported in their condition.

Our aims are to give people within the diabetes online community (#doc) a voice by hosting their own ‘tweet’ chats on a diabetes topic of their choice. As the diabetes community continues to grow and develop we recognise the need to bring people together to share resources, ideas, experiences and opinions.

Our Diabetes also strives to provide trusted health care information that will help you to understand more about your diabetes as well as highlight events, campaigns, current and future research and technologies.

We see success in connecting and communicating. We believe that connecting like minded people will allow them to reach resources and other platforms that can benefit them and their diabetes. By communicating we can share knowledge in a welcoming, safe and transparent environment.

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