Tweetchat: Mental Health and Diabetes Control


Mental Health and Diabetes Control


The tweetchat this week will take place on Tuesday 18th March between 8:00pm and 9:00pm and will be hosted by Sam (@Endo_Gremlin). The @OurDiabetes account will be retweeting her questions to ensure you know when to respond but if you aren’t already following Sam, maybe now is the time to start… and here’s why…

About Sam

My name is Sam and I have had diabetes for 16 years. I have a number of health concerns that mean I’m currently not working or in education but am working towards a History BA when healthy. I love taking part in the DOC and the feminist community, as well as reading and training my dog. I’m quite a simple soul really!

Participating in the tweetchat

So, if you haven’t participated in a tweetchat before or are unsure how to participate in the chat, everything you need to know is explained in the article Explaining Tweetchats.

So take a look at the questions that will be asked, consider reading some of the linked material, have a think about your answers and join in on Tuesday with your thoughts – it’s as simple as that!

The “Mental Health and Diabetes Control” Questions

Question 1 – Do you find that your mental state, such as anxiety or stress, have an impact on your blood glucose levels? How so?

Question 2 – Do the stats that those with diabetes are far more likely to have mental problems such as depression weigh on your mind at all?

Question 3 – Do you feel your HCPs provide enough support for the mental strain of diabetes such as feeling hopeless about your control?

Question 4 – Do you feel your HCPs respect how your mental state impacts your diabetes or do they brush your thoughts aside?

Question 5 – How much would you say struggling with diabetes is the disease itself and how much is people’s attitude to it?

Pre-chat reading (optional!)



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