Tweetchat: Diabetes and me

Diabetes and me - How do you broach the subject?

Diabetes and me
How do you broach the subject?


The tweetchat this week will take place on Tuesday 17th June between 8:00pm and 9:00pm and will be hosted by Kate Matthews (@kat0302).

The @OurDiabetes account will be retweeting her questions to ensure you know when to respond but if you aren’t already following Kate, maybe now is the time to start… and here’s why…

About Kate

I’m just an ordinary person with Diabetes :) I’m 36 years old and live in Wales I was diagnosed T1D aged 3 in 1981 was on MDI for 29 years until switched to a pump. I have no hypo awareness any longer and developed severe retinopathy during my pregnancy losing my peripheral vision over 14 years of living with it.

Recently joined Twitter properly and found the #DOC and #ourd and can’t stay away! Really enjoying taking part in blog weeks and sharing experiences!

I wrote a blog called The Introduction… and it’s about how I dealt with introducing my diabetes to someone on a date or rather how I didn’t deal with it! This chat is looking at how we introduce our diabetes to others.

Participating in the tweetchat

If you haven’t participated in a tweetchat before or are unsure how to participate in the chat, everything you need to know is explained in the article Explaining Tweetchats.

Take a look at the questions that will be asked, consider reading some of the linked material, have a think about your answers and join in on Tuesday with your thoughts – it’s as simple as that!

The “Diabetes and Me” Questions

Question 1: Do you struggle to tell people about your Diabetes? eg friends,work,potential partners and if so why?

Question 2: Have you ever withheld the fact you have diabetes? Were there any consequences to doing this?

Question 3: Have you experienced any bad reactions from telling someone or a company eg a gym that you have diabetes?

Question 4: Have you ever run BG’s higher than normal to avoid a hypo situation?

Question 5: Do you have any tips on how best to tell people?


Pre-chat reading (optional!)

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