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A few weeks ago, I was sat in a meeting room in the House of Commons for the All Party Parliamentary Group Diabetes meeting. This meeting was focused on assessing the uptake & efficacy of Libre (a flash glucose sensor device) that became available on NHS tariff 6 months ago. There was a panel of four who presented around this issue, one voice who uses the Libre & has a child who uses it too, & three consultant voices, all hailing form different parts of the U.K. As always, the perspective of the person living with Diabetes was powerful, as was her [...]
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Amy’s been using #OpenAPS (closed loop artificial pancreas system) since March and it’s been working very well, with some impressive results such as waking up in range without fail and without intervention every morning. Her set up includes a Dexcom G5, her phone (Xiaomi 4X), her OpenAPS rig (Edison/Explorer) and a 10 year old Medtronic 715 insulin pump. The only real issue we’ve had is bluetooth connectivity which we’ve resolved very well. So, OpenAPS is excellent and gives great results, but Amy’s pump is six years out of warranty already, might possibly break at any moment (unlikely) and the backup pump [...]
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