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2014 Tweetchat Archive

7th January – Diabetes and Weight. Hosted by @ninjabetic1

14th January – Diabetes and Hypos. Hosted by @OurDiabetes on behalf of @sueegreg

21st January – New Year, New Challenges. Hosted by @VixRz

28th January – Accepting Your Diabetes. Hosted by @Oggy2203

4th February – Do you understand the changing landscape? Hosted by @davidcragg

11th February – Psychological Support – The emotional side of life with diabetes. Hosted by @ninjabetic1

18th February – Diabetes and the workplace. Hosted by @StorryT_Jewels

25th February – Diabetes and the Pharmacy. Hosted by @xClaraBellax

4th March – What would you say at the DUK Professional conference? Hosted by @davidcragg

11th March – #wenurses joint tweetchat

18th March – Mental Health and Diabetes control. Hosted by @Endo_Gremlin

25th March – Summer is Coming! Hosted by @OurDiabetes

1st April – Diabetes and Your Community. Hosted by @Oggy2203

8th April – Partha Kar – Ask the D Dr. Hosted by @Parthaskar

15th April – Diabetes and Easter. Hosted by @OurDiabetes

22nd April – Diabetes Advocacy. Hosted by @OurDiabetes

29th April – Diabetes Blogging Hosted by @vickisnotebook

6th May – HCPs and clinic. Hosted by @RNeilABlack

13th May – Diabetes Transitions Hosted by @Colonelblighty

20th May – Diabetes UK and Chocy Barred Hosted by @DiabetesUK

27th May – #JustOneQuestion Hosted by @OurDiabetes

3rd June – Driving, Diabetes and the DVLA Hosted by @davidcragg

10th June – It’s Diabetes Week #iCan Hosted by @OurDiabetes

17th June – Diabetes and me Hosted by Kate Matthews (@kat0302)

24th June – Diabetes in Parliament Hosted by @OurDiabetes

1st July – The highs and lows of diabetes Hosted by @betabetic

15th July – Diabetes UK: #Type1Uncut. Hosted by @DiabetesUK

22nd July – Diabetes News. Hosted by @DiabetesTimes

29th July – Sugar Buddies Peer Support. Hosted by @ninjabetic1

5th August – Psychosocial support and Diabetes. Hosted by @OurDiabetes on behalf of @HedgiePDiabetes

12th August – #JustOneQuestion. Hosted by @OurDiabetes

19th August – Diabetes education. Hosted by @AdrianSandersMP, assisted by @JDRFUK

26th August – Eating disorders. Hosted by @DiabeticsWithED

2nd September – tbc. Hosted by tbc

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9th September – Happy Birthday. Hosted by @OurDiabetes

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16th September – Diabetes and self-management support – what works?. Hosted by @QISMETorguk

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23rd September – tbc. Hosted by tbc

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2013 Tweetchat Archive

15th October – Community Matters! Hosted by @OurDiabetes

22nd October – Sports and Exercise. Hosted by @Diathlete

29th October – Meters: Accuracy and Choice. Hosted by @Titchylou88

5th November – Diabetes care: Educating the HCPs. Hosted by @Jade_SmithGPPA

12th November – World Diabetes Day and Diabetes Awarenes Month. Hosted by @OurDiabetes

19th November – Resilience and Error Diaries. Hosted by @DomFurniss

26th November Diabetes and Loved Ones Hosted by @T1Buta

3rd December – A discussion with the Shadow Health Minister Jamie Reed MP, facilitated by @JDRFUK

10th December – Jingle Bolus – Christmas Planning. Hosted by @OurDiabetes

17th December – Diabetes – It’s complicated! Hosted by @OurDiabetes on behalf of @Jules1315

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