Tweetchat Etiquette

Be Kind

Consider others

We see success in connecting and communicating. We believe that connecting like-minded people will allow them to reach resources and other platforms that can benefit them and their diabetes. By communicating we can share knowledge in a welcoming, safe and transparent environment.

In order for us to maintain a safe and welcoming environment we ask that everyone who joins the tweet chat remembers these points:

  • Please be polite to everyone – Refrain from swearing or using any language or behaviours that could upset or intimidate others (e.g. sarcastic, underhanded and passive aggressive tweets). Feel free to debate, challenge and question in a constructive way but please do not argue with others
  • Please be respectful – Remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and views and these often vary from person to person
  • Please do not harass others – Do not use intimidating language or behaviours towards other people
  • Irrelevant Plugging – Please feel free to share blog posts etc that are relevant to tweet chat topics but please do not plug irrelevant materials, companies, products, events etc
  • Please don’t hijack tweetchats – If you would like to host your own tweet chat then please get in touch with us via the contacts page.

Remember, behind every twitter profile is a real person with real feelings.

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